Reprove, Rebuke, and Restore Ministries

Reprove, Rebuke, and Restore Ministries, Inc. ( RRRM) is a CHRIST-CENTERED organization, designed to create a CHRIST-CULTURE, dedicated to the salvation of the sinners and retention of them as saints, the deliverance of the Christian from secret societies, and EXPOSING GLO'S to the Biblical Worldview. This will be done using their secret information, research, publications, documentraries, live and recorded presentations, and joint ventures, thereby setting up a globally united Christian Voice of oppostion to Greek-Lettered Organizations and other secret societies.


How To Be Saved

1. REPENT- Admit that you are a sinner, Ask God for forgivness, and be willing to change.

2. BELIEVE- That Jesus Christ is the Son of God, AND that God raised Him from the dead. That the atonement (His shed blood) was finished at the cross and is sufficient to save.
Read your Word, Pray Daily, Find a Church that teaches the TRUTH. If you make a decision to get saved, please call or e-mail me( at the bottom of this page). I would like to rejoice with you.

After salvation, God requires you to live a holy life.

If you have any questions about Christianity, desire to be saved, etc

call me @ 919/278-8911



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