Meet The Founder: Minister Fred Hatchett

I have had 21 years of experience with Greek-Lettered Organizations. Six years as an outsider looking in, five as an insider, 10 and counting as a born again, denounced member. The Book was a six year work. Since then, over 75 new Scriptures have been found leaving GLO's witheven more clothes missing off their almost naked bodies. Some of these can be found on the "Bible Contradictions" page.
All rituals, histories, pledge manuals, etc. would greatly help me teach others with the actual documents of these organizations. It would eliminate hearsay, opinion, and conjecture. My personal information is below. To anyone that has denounced and/or has a desire to get rid of your secret and non-secret materials, I would greatly appreciate you contacting me first. Your gift would be a blessing to me and many others. Upon receipt of any ritual, you will receive a free copy of my book.

Reprove, Rebuke & Restore Ministries, Inc
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God Bless You!!!- Minister Hatchett




Mission Statement:

Reprove, Rebuke, and Restore Ministries, Inc.
( RRRM) is a CHRIST-CENTERED organization, designed to create a CHRIST-CULTURE, dedicated to the salvation of the sinners and retention of them as saints, the deliverance of the Christian from secret societies, and EXPOSING GLO'S to the Biblical Worldview. This will be done using their secret information, research, publications, documentraries, live and recorded presentations, and joint ventures, thereby setting up a globally united Christian Voice of oppostion to Greek-Lettered Organizations and other secret societies.




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