Ex-Greek Testimonies

"The majority of Christians do not join to win souls. I equate that to someone saying they are going to a club to win souls."
(Omega 2000)

"Normally a man with good character has submitted himself to the will of God and will carry himself thusly. If you look at the prominent members of these organizations, you will notice that its so-called famous members include more political, social, and religious figures than those in entertainment and sports." (Anonymous Greek 1)

This website lists various famous members and their so-called GOOD CHARACTERISTICS. All of them political, social, and religious. They range from baby killers, idolaters, promoters of sexual immorality, etc. (Minister Hachett)


"As a man who believes God's words, it is up to me and men like me to help him/her to see the error of their ways and bring the back into the light out of the darkness." (Anonymous Greek 2)

BGLO's already claim to give light to those in darkness. So who is in error, them or your BGLO? Who is in error, them or you? (Minister Hachett)



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